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With over a decade of supporting New Zealand businesses like yours, we are one of the South Islands’ most innovative solution provider offering end to end information, communication and technology services.

We offer tailored solutions based on technology and support to let your business succeed. It is not about a single device or a single service, it’s about letting your business be the most productive, most competitive, most reliable and most enjoyable version of itself.

What makes a great IT service provider?

Lets face it. Commercial Information and Communication Technology revolves around a multitude of devices and services. If one part stops, one device fails, one service is compromised the other parts and services are usually affected also.

That is why Techbox has worked hard to offer you End to End solutions delivered by dedicated people. What makes a great IT service provider? We believe it is the following

  • End to End Solutions offering you one point of contact for anything technology
  • Rock solid systems for monitoring and documentation
  • Expert Help desk—80% of issues sorted remotely and over the phone
  • Dedicated people, invested in your business