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What We Offer

We have teamed up with Brother, one of the worlds most iconic printing brands, to provide the right printing solutions at the most cost effective rates.

Our Printers


Does your business need high-quality office equipment that will help to improve workflow and limit downtime? Techbox has you covered.

Managed Print Services (MPS)

Print Services (MPS)

With low monthly rentals and cost-per-page accounting, MPS is often a cost effective alternative. Find out more about our managed print services below.

Repairs & Servicing

Repairs &

As your one-stop shop for everything technology we also provide ongoing support and servicing for your Brother printers.

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) are printer leasing programmes offered by print providers to manage your printing devices, including printers, scanners, faxes and copiers.

They enable organisations to reduce costs, improve their efficiency, productivity and information security, typically by monitoring usage, replacing consumables and meeting the organisation’s print needs.

  • Save time and improve efficiency
  • Reduce costs and save money
  • Improve productivity in your organization
  • Reduce capital expenditure and improve cash flow
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Improve your information security

The setup that is right for you

One size does not fit all and we know that. This is why Managed Print services are available for a range of devices. From small, economic A4 Mono Laser printers to large centrally located Multi Function Centers.

Maybe it is not the size but the convenience and location of your printers that makes the difference? Simple, Managed Print is available across multiple devices and you can have a variety of different printers on the same account, enjoying the cost saving attributes of MPS.

Want to know how much MPS can save you?

If you aren’t entirely sure what your printing needs actually are we have an easy solution for you! We like to start off by giving you a free print audit of your current setup so you know exactly what your needs are.

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